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End of the Season

Sadly, it is the end of yet another football season. When the clock strikes 0:00 tonight, no more football - that is until Spring Training, then the draft, then summer workouts, then fall practice starts and then another football season. Though tonight might seem like the end, it is actually just another step in the football life cycle.

Just like football, we've hit another stage in our life with the birth of Mary Grace 3 months ago. I know that this is just one more great step in the many steps of our life, and a good step (at least most of the time!) We couldn't be more excited with Mary Grace - she makes us laugh, makes us smile, drives us crazy at times, but always makes us glad that she is in our lives. We are anxiuosly (and nervously) awaiting her next steps in life (which at the rate she is headed may be steps, or a tooth, or who knows.... And that is part of the fun!) The only thing that we know for sure, is that our uninterrupted 8 hours of sleep a night have hit 0:00.

- J

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